You will find a comprehensive description of what the job is about

Welcome to our introductory website.

This is where you can submit your application for this exciting work opportunity involving  selling(marketing) a new leading edge lighting product. These are portable, rechargeable, SMART LED table lamps for the hospitality sector as well as for home.

Welcome –
Here is a little Warm-up

Do you like a flexible working environment, where you as ‘area sales manager’ will meet new people and will have a significant influence on developing and expanding our sales strategies?

We will be launching some very exciting products for the restaurant/hotel industry, which will both improve the atmosphere (better lighting)  for the guests and improve operational efficiency for our customers, and you can achieve a substantial personal income, where you yourself determine your working hours – about 8-12 hours a week whenever it suits you best- which will allow you to reconcile work and family life.


We are a newly started company – Danish owned,  Danish management- located in Marbella, Spain. We develop and produce technologically advanced  products on the basis of 25 years as suppliers and consultants to large international hotel chains like Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Marriott, Hyatt and others.

Danish Design
Danish Engineering
Danish Quality


It is a series of LED lamps in various finishes and with many revolutionary functionalities and variable settings, where parameters can be individually set with internet-based software. An important feature is also that these are products that are designed and constructed to meet the requirements of ‘industrial grade’ applications.

Customer segments are b2b and b2c. The latter from private customers who have seen the lamps at restaurants and hotels and want the same lamps for their home, inside or outside. Your contact details will be on a sticker at the bottom of the lamps.

We have lent out temporary sample lamps to various restaurants and hotels in our area, and all prospects up to now want to buy the lamps, when they become available in October/Nov. 2021. Among the enthusiastic customers, we have for example NOBU – the largest and most successful luxury restaurant chain in the World, who has placed an initial order for 240 lamps just for the Marbella operation. NOBU has >50 restaurants and 15 hotels worldwide.


  • Responsible for our company’s development in your exclusive sales area.
  • Participate in developing a large company with stylish innovative high tech products
  • Good prospects for extra income – probably around >20K p.a


  • Be responsible for the entire sales process in your area.
  • Conduct sales meetings with new and existing customers. Customer care.
  • Produce sales targets and strategies with the national sales manager (if there is one).
  • Make appointments with potential customers and arrange to lend the prospect 6-8 trial lamps for a period of say 10 days and offer to come and collect – all at no cost to the customer – no obligation other than try the lamps and see if the operator thinks that the intimate lighting and the functionalities for operational efficiency represent an improvement.


We will provide guidelines for ongoing customer care, so the door is always open, when we have new products to offer.

We have guidelines for discount policies for larger orders and can take over negotiations with customers as we have some flexibility in other ways and so that the Area Sales Manager’s (ASM) remaining commission is protected when a customer is aggressively pursuing higher discounts, which in some cases is to be expected with very large orders.

All sales should be carried out in our name to avoid that the ASM needs to do book-keeping, VAT accounting and associated work it possible in your location, so we will invoice from Spain and payment should be transferred to us. In case of taking cash deposits on larger orders, the ASM can receive such payments on our behalf, but must transfer all deposits to us without delay.

There are different ways to pay your commission but in principle it will be paid within the first week based on the past month earnings.

We are investigating to what extend you are able to deduct various expenses that you encounter in your efforts to expose and sell our products. It could be mobile phone, TV, Computer, travel costs, personal care (hair, nails), cosmetics, restaurant visits, clothing, hotel stays, which where deductible from the commission will reduce your tax liability. The rules and allowance are not the same in all countries. We will investigate on a case-by-case basis what applies in your country.

We will send you (no cost to you) business cards (you have to submit all the details) and stickers with company name and your contact details to be stuck under the base of the lamps, so you get all inquiries directed to you from your exclusive sales area. Many leads are generated this way both from other hospitality operators as well as private people, who want lamps for their home(s).

Concerning delivery of lamps we will get into this in stage II of reviewing your application.


  • Stamina
  • Result oriented
  • Service minded (the customer is king)
  • Punctual
  • Independent
  • Responsible
  • Honest (we prefer bad news over a good lie)


  • 2-5 years’ experience in outreach sales
  • Driving license
  • Good command in English – verbal and written
  • Good competences in Microsoft Office
  • Drive and enthusiasm
  • Good results in outreach sales
  • Wants some more economic independence to spoil yourself and others without having to come cap in hand to get monies for something you really want but is not strictly necessary – spoil the kids, other family, your lonely mother – HURRA, HURRA!!!

If you are interested in learning more about us and our products please fill in the form below and send to us from this website.